That’s Not How It Works

Good software takes time to put together… always much longer than folks anticipate. This is especially true for product designer, developers, and engineers… we are especially bad at estimates.

via Dilbert

Always multiply by three, at the very least, and then you’ll have a more reasonable target and guestimate.

I’m doing this calculation in my own head every week as we continue to iterate and build out our core product and the farther we get the longer the mental time-table feels.

It can be distracting, disorienting, and even a bit discouraging at times, but, my approach with this type of product is much more conservative than other projects because of the fact that we’re building a financial tool and instrument – you just can’t fuck with people’s money and be anything close to cavalier with the experience and (especially) security measures.

And that’s how that’s going to work – taking care of your users and their data is how you build long-term trust and a better product. It might take a bit longer to bring to market but you only have one really good shot at making a first positive impression and consumer’s attitudes are fickle and fleeting.

We’re going to make it the very best that we can.

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