That’s What We Expected

This is very cool:

A business full of people who are on the autism spectrum provides its own kinds of managerial and interpersonal challenges, but to be the norm in an office, rather than an exception, is an unqualified relief for many of Auticon’s employees.

Hirasuna noticed the difference in the first week of work, when he was writing an email to his manager. “I realized after the first day, Oh, yeah, I don’t have to read this over for nuance and all that stuff,” he said. In college, he hated emailing his professors, because he agonized over whether his tone was too forceful or too presumptuous or too inarticulate.

At Auticon, he said, he felt a release in simply writing an email, reading it over for typos and sending it out. What was the worst his boss was going to think if he sent out a tone-deaf email? “ ‘That’s autism!’ ” Hirasuna said with a big, comedic shrug. “ ‘O.K. — that’s what we expected!’ ”

via NYTimes

There have been more and more folks who are thinking about doing similar things, which is very exciting! I get pinged at least once a month from a business person and/or mother/father who wants to build a system and solution for folks on the spectrum, giving them honorable, meaningful work.

I can dig that.

Most organizations do not have the systems in place to allow folks on the spectrum to succeed but I think that’ll change over time. It should… it has to… and eventually the expectations will change so that no one is surprised.