The Afters

It takes a bit to get me wound-up regarding music.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m pretty musically challenged; but I know it’s something that I’ve been challenged to appreciate more… that’s probably why I got the hook up with my wife sue.

So, as a result of my less-than-great musical tastes, I do not know what “makes” good music.  I certainly have opinions though!  But after having the great pleasure of seeing The Afters play live @ The Common Ground, I feel like my musical skills got the ++ treatment.

Simply put, The Afters are uber.  I really like their sound, their energy, their… whatever!  I found a great review which mirrors much of my thoughts.  One of their coolest shorts is “:MySpace Girl.

I found this very telling of the times… and I’m surprised I haven’t heard this (and some of their other work) on the radio.

Good times, good times.  Praise God for music.  What a gift!