The Blog First Aid Station at Orange Conference


We’ve got a really cool bloggers lounge kicking off over at The Orange Conference. I’m pretty pumped to meet as many people as possible.

One of the neat things that happened last night at the Orange Tweetup (thanks Kenny!) was a lot of discussion about blogs (of course) and what the best “platform” is and how can I do “this” and how do I fix “that”…

Well, I’ll be having a make shift “First Aid Station” for bloggers in the Bloggers Lounge (not exactly sure what this means or what this looks like) but feel free to stop on by and ask all of us questions about blogging, strategies, practices, platforms, etc.

We’ll help you out as best as we can. We can’t promise that we’ll save the world, but we’ll shake your hand and talk shop!

See you there!