Coworking in Atlanta: The Box

I was able to spend the day at The Box today, another great coworking spot in Atlanta located specifically in the heart of beautiful Marietta. Wow, add a gorgeous February day and you have one killer productive day!

Tommy Jones, the founder, is a brand and UX freelancer who converted his passion of working with other freelancers into a full collaborative environment in the incredibly neat Marietta train station. I spent just as much time taking pictures of the building and surrounding area as I did inside!

Tommy was even gracious enough for me to hang out two hours earlier than they typically open (they open at 10:00am – perfect for coworkers who want to sleep a little bit longer in the morning) so that I could experience the environment by myself. What a guy!

Located right off of Church St it’s a block from the common square with incredible choices of meal options, restaurants, and quaint shops if you need to explore and get some fresh air. The sound of the active train line is not too bad and I was surprised that I didn’t notice it during my meetings and while doing work.

I spent the day with my coaching class as we walked through developing action methods for our goals, which was fantastic – almost as fantastic as the lunch we had at Taqueria Tsunami!

I love the idea that Tommy has outfitted the place with 50’s style furniture and accoutrements!

There’s two rooms to get your work done and a very comfortable foyer area that my class sat in for most of the day. Even though it was in the entrance we weren’t bothered by traffic at all.

Oh yeah.

Of course they had wifi enabled and the speed was good with no interruptions of note. Essential, of course!

Overall I really enjoyed the space as a whole – it was classy and in a great part of town with tons of choices for eating – they even have a local coffee shop the next block over that had an amazing americano! Whoa, I could use another one of those!

If you’re in the Marietta area (or even the surrounding area) you should go check out The Box. Tell Tommy that I sent you!

Next week I’ll be hanging out another coworking spot – I can’t wait!

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