I once wrote a post about what the CEO does, which enumerates very quickly three things. My post is helpful, but not as nearly as helpful as Jacques Mattheij’s recent post.

His thoughts are raw and truthful, exactly the way they need to be:

Quite a few companies that end up dead do not die of external causes. Plenty of them are murdered from the inside, either by bad decisions made on purpose, by inaction, malice or incompetence and it frustrating to see this happen when it could have been so easily avoided.

He covers a great deal and it’s worth a read (and a bookmark). Perhaps the most important truth is in the beginning:

When the company is doing ok, there is money in the bank, when you’re hiring and the sun is shining anybody can be CEO of a company.

When everything’s amazing it’s easy. But this is rare and if it happens it’s temporary. The true test of leadership and an amazing CEO is when stuff is breaking (and if it breaks them).