The Cost of YEN’s New Domain & URL…

Hey folks,

As many of you already know, we’re moving forward pretty quickly on what we believe is going to be the biggest project of 2018… for us and for you and for our larger community!

We’ve shared that the project is called “YEN” and we’ve managed to secure an amazing new url (which currently shows our temporary landing page):

Legit, right? But, it wasn’t without cost. 

In fact, we paid nearly $5,000 USD for it, as you can see here:

Although my brother and I are very conservative with our spending across the board we felt like the best domain was worth investing in and obtaining.

This isn’t the most costly domain that we’ve ever purchased… but it may just well be the most exciting!

Your support means a ton so that we can make decisions like these. 

We’ll have more news about Yen in the coming days, weeks, and months… but, we count all of you as folks in the “inside” of what we’re doing.

Have a great monday!

– john