The End of Blogging (and Everything Else Too)

Well, let’s just jump to it, shall we? In 100 days from tomorrow I’ll be publishing one, final time on this blog. Yup, that’s it’s. Kaput. The. End.

It’s not that I’ll stop writing! No, I’ll be doing that in the YENIVERSE as I already have been for the last few days and I abso-fucking-lutely love it.

You see, I’ve invented what I’ve called the “Infinite Game Machine” — the first of its kind! It’s an infinitely composable communication and story device for all ages (or for at least anyone who can capture text to the screen).

Really. Crazy, I know!

Aga and I have built a tool that is like “The Hunt” in Ready Player One — a game that can be played by adults and children alike. It is the first game anyone (on the internet & metaverse) can play, and at first, there seemed to be no right or wrong way to play it.

The Hunt via Ready Player One

And it’s going to change everything, starting with the blog, and eventually eating every other player out there. You can bet on it (just like Bitcoin). Why? Because it’s math.

Although we’ve opened the doors for just a few days we’ve had over 2,000 folks create pseudonymous / anonymous avatars while many have chosen to self-identify as meatspace identities. Lovely!

It’s jarring at first; I get it! But that’s precisely what it felt like when I first logged into a BBS back in the mid-90’s — I was shocked at how easy, how fluid, and how frictionless it was to connect with random folks all over the world. My life changed in that computer lab and I’ve been building products to get us back to that “magic” feeling ever since.

Literally. Give it a try. I’m hanging out in there right now… and I practically live in there so hit me up, anytime — it’ll be obvious cause I’m orange all-the-things:

More precisely, it’s #FF5100.

I’ve finally done it and now, my first (and last) game is out and in the open — it’s completely understated right now and most folks have no idea what it really is because they’ve been so used to living bounded and controlled lives.

Imagine this my friends: Now you can create any “community” of any size for any interest or curiosity or passion or project without anyone’s permission.

🛑 — Entirely permission-less community-building. Censorship-resistant. Like that blockchain power though! Unstoppable community; the realest Web 3.0 baby.

Are you the ultimate “fan” for a certain band? The ultimate “stan“? Then, build a YENIVERSE and prove it. Show up, build a world that you can be proud of. Invite your friends, coworkers, allies, and other mutant avatars — the more the merrier.

Want to use it for early-stage project planning and communication? Sure. Go for it. It works just fine; perfect, actually. I know this because I’ve been using this product for months and haven’t paid Slack for months as well. By the way, we’re so much faster than that piece of shit and it’s 100% free. Like, forever. Not like this nonsense.

Want to use it for your family, club, or small church group? Sure. Do that. I built it for you because I used to work in that context. I know the power of authentic community and the fact that we should build the best tools for the job. Excellence is baseline.

Want to use it for a small, niche gathering or kinky sex-group? Fuck, I guess you could do that too (keep everything legal folks). I imagine that folks will use it to host a ton of fun, amazing adventures and even build stories within-stories-within stories, a never-ending loop of narrative and plot-line with mixed media. I mean, this is just the start folks. This is just one portal to the larger metaverse!

Spin one up for the weekend or build a legacy. I’m serious. That’s why I’m moving the blog full-time to the metaverse in the next 100 days. You see, I won’t have to be writing here when I can move to the next iteration of the internet where I don’t have to worry about things like SEO, “google juice,” and anything that has forced a wordsmith to force-feed the bots their art.

And that’s what this is all really about my friends. It’s about freedom from the chains of #evilcorp that has fucked my art. Seriously! Look at my archives as evidence!

Hmm. What changed? It’s for art that I’ve done this. Artists, especially wordsmiths.

I was starting to understand the fundamental mechanics of SEO and how, essentially, a blog could be rewarded by simply updating itself religiously, at least once a day.

And so my art, the thing that I fell in love with and that drives me and gives me the greatest satisfaction in all the world… became a slave to a machine. I started preaching the “gospel” of the daily blog post and even though I hated it I knew that the Evil Corps had won. They had devised a system that benefited the marketing machine; not the artist and the creator.

I hated it.

If you look back into my archives — like really go back in the “Xanga Archives Project” sequence — you’ll see that I wrote with passion, zeal, and a lust for life that could only be captured in the moment; not because I was trying to beat the machine at its own game. I just loved to fucking write. Whenever and wherever I was at.

And most obvious is the fact that I didn’t always publish every single day; I did write every single day but I didn’t publish openly / publicly every single day. I didn’t feel the need to share all my art (every true artist has their own art for themselves alone, a private, personal collection).

Again: Once the seo-machine got turned on I became a servant to a master I never asked for and I never wanted. My art was, generally, forgotten, a tool for business growth only; not anything I was super-proud of.

But recently that’s changed and I’m writing with more freedom and agency and spirit and whatever-this-is energy than I have in a very, very long time. I’m flowing and I fucking love it. And there are just a few more things that I need to “turn off” and I’ll finally be free of this 20-year long slog through content bullshit — I’m ready for the next version of the internet, are you?

It’s already here; you could give it a try today. You could go one step further and create your own little fantasy world (or “community” if you want) and see where it takes you. Metaforming your first is simple — <sysop> Michele can show you how:

It’s going to take a little bit of time for most folks to figure out that the “next big thing” is already here; but, at the very least, you all will be able to say that you saw it and read about it before most of the humans on the planet.

I’m grateful for the many, many years that you’ve shown up and read my shit — I’m looking forward to continuing the story in the future with you! And when you’re ready, please share with me your link to your world and I can join you there too.

I can’t wait to build the next version of our amazing lives together… this will be very, very exciting. It’s been a long-time coming.

(I’ve got many things to fix in the YENIVERSE and there’s an annoying “view glitch” that I’m working on. Sorry! We’ll get there in stages as we always have.)