The Faith of Young Men

Unfortunately I remember 9th Grade far too well for my own good – It wasn’t enjoyable and I wish I could forget most of it. I mean, I was a punk kid who got into a fight the first week I was there.

Although I had grown up in a Christian home I had not yet taken my walk or relationship with Christ seriously nor personally, but it was real, passionate, and visceral.

Last week was a significant reminder of the substance that is the faith of young men.

I’ve committed to walk with these young men for the next 4 years and I hope to see all of them complete their HS experience as men of faith who lean on Him for more than the courage to talk to the girl in their math class.

I’m praying for all that I will need to complete the wonderful task before me. They are a bunch of talented, bright, and unique guys – I can’t wait to see what You have in store for them Lord!

Now if they could embrace life with the amount of zeal they have for sleeping…