The Gap Between What We Say and What We Do

We say that children and their future are important to us but it doesn’t seem that we actually put our money where our mouths are, or want to be. Education is deeply and fundamentally broken in the US and it’s hard for me to watch these types of videos and not feel deeply for all those impacted:

Of course, like many things I have to ask myself what I am personally responsible for and what I can personally do to help right the many wrongs that exist. Sharing a blog post (or two) won’t cut it.

I value the educational future of our kids and I am even more motivated and incentivized to “fix” my own kids’ educational system(s) that they are in. Hacking School was our decision to remove ourselves from the broken system, but, as citizens of this planet, our own children will have to necessarily interface with their peers from these broken systems.

That means that we still have an opportunity to do something about it because being isolationist on this matter won’t cut it. I want to do more thinking about this and I want to actually do something about it.