The Hives WordPress Theme

The Hives WordPress Theme is an extremely unique design originally created by award-winning designer Nurul Dahlan. He passed on the design to me so that I could code it into WordPress.

I had originally planned to use this for a client but that, of course, never happened. My second option was to put it up as a “premium” theme and get a few pennies out of it, since it definitely warranted the time and effort!

But, I’ve decided to release it to the public, free and GPL.

It’s got a rotating carousel, Lifestream, and more. It uses a few plugins but are easy to configure.

Ready to download? Check it after the jump…


There are 5 plugins which you’ll need to install before using the theme. They are provided via the zip file. You’ll want to pay attention to the Lifestream options as well as make sure you add the Lifestream Widget into the homepage sidebar to get that working. There are three sidebar widgets for your use.

There’s a Related Posts Plugin also which will require a little setup. To show related posts you’ll need to have posts with the same tags, which uses the Simple Tags Plugin. Go to that plugin >>> Related Posts Tab >>> Display related posts into feeds is unchecked. Set the automatically display of related posts into post content as No. Finally, the post link format needs to be set to this:

<a href=”%post_permalink%” title=”%post_title% (%post_date%)”>%post_title%</a> <span class=”post-date”>%post_date%</span>

The Featured Posts for the carousel on the left are easy: Just create a “Featured” category and assign posts to it. To show a photo, simply add a custom field called “Photo” and then the value as the link to the file. Make sure the width of the image is 380px!

That’s it!


Please note that I’m not offering any support for this theme at this time.

Feel free to download the core files here.

This blog is no longer hosting the download link. Please visit TentBlogger WordPress Themes for the download!