The “Human3rror Hearts U” Blog Hosting Discount!


It’s pretty simple really. I like blogging. I think everyone should do it. I think there is so much potential in doing great things through blogs, not just on them.

So, I’ve come up with an easy way for anyone who wants to jump into the cool and refreshing waters of hosting their own blog [WordPress is the best!] but that think it might “break the bank.”

It’s what I affectionately call the “Human3rror Hearts U!” Blog Hosting Discount, via

All you have to do is use the promo code human3rror when you sign up!

It’s just $2.25 per month, if you do the quick math. That’s like a Grande Drip Coffee from Starbucks.

So, let me know if you jump in! The promo code will last forever (and what I mean by that is that I won’t ever remove the code so it’s available to you… but, the $2.25 per month rate is only good for the first year or however many years you sign up for). So, let others know about it.

Why Dreamhost?

I’ll admit it. No hosting service is perfect. Dreamhost isn’t perfect. Trust me, I know. But neither are the 20 others that I’ve tried.

But, with Dreamhost, it’s super easy to get a blog installed and running, the back admin control panel is one of the easiest to understand and navigate, and not a single client that I’ve ever worked with has complained about being “confused” about management in the back end.

And now it’s not too pricey either… and I like the name.

Finally, of course, I recommend it because I actually use it.

I use it for some of my “other” personal projects on the web. When many of them “mature” and out grow Dreamhost, I move them over to something else (and when I mean “outgrow” the projects that migrate are typically averaging 1-3 million pageviews a year).

You won’t have that problem for a little while…