The Iron Yard: Mentoring Startups and Entrepreneurs

Yesterday on one of my other blogs I shared the exciting news that I’ll be spending time in Greenville, SC this summer mentoring 11 startups and their leaders through The Iron Yard, a new startup accelerator and incubator, part of the Global Accelerator Network.

I honestly can’t wait to start working with them as they march bravely toward Demo Day which is their opportunity to pitch to Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists their neat products and businesses. Having pitched and raised Angel/VC myself this just tickles me to no end!

But the neatest thing that I’ll be doing is coaching them through the Action & Influence process and empowering their core team to be the best high performance team they can possibly be. No startup has much time to waste and they already have limited resources – there’s no time for any waste, especially in regards to communication within their own team as well as their mentors, equity investors, advisors, and others.

In other words, it’s absolutely essential that the spend 99% of their time building their products, their services, and their business rather than dealing with the relational challenges that are just part of being human. If I can help them shortcut those challenges and work through them faster then their organizations will be more successful, faster.

I love that challenge and that opportunity!

Some of the neat benefits that I get through the process is that I get to work with passionate young entrepreneurs who will invigorate me a ton! I will also get to work alongside other incredible (and even more successful) mentors like Ryan Carson, Brad Feld, Hiten Shah, and more. What an honor and privilege!

Many thanks to my good friend, Peter Barth, the managing director of The Iron Yard for allowing me this opportunity!

So, I now pass this on to you, my faithful readers: Who are you actively mentoring and investing in this summer (this year)?

Remember, one of the best ways for you to learn is to teach others!