The MacBook Air

Yesterday was the celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the best notebook computer ever created.

Duh. The MacBook Air:

I wrote about the MacBook Air more than a few times, noting how it was the best notebook for writing and blogging and how I loved it so much I got two of them and how I eventually tested out the smaller 11″ setup and how the 11″ eventually won and how it became one of the best computing decisions ever.

The 11″ MacBook Air is still my favorite notebook of all time and I have the last generation that Apple sold (at the fastest and most powerful configuration).

Much profile, so wow.

Just a few months ago I moved to a 13″ MacBook Pro and I still look at the 11″ with fondness, missing pretty much everything about the experience… unfortunately, I need just a little more power since I’m spending so much time doing video content these days.

But that MacBook Air… memories. Amazing. All of them.

Happy Birthday MacBook Air. You’re still my fav.

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