The Name ‘Dom Cobb’ and the Movie Inception

I really enjoyed Inception and I can’t wait to watch it for a second time this coming week.

There were a number of things that I really liked about it and I could probably spend a bunch of time sharing my thoughts but there was one particular standout element that I liked the most: Dom Cobb’s name.

You see, the moment I heard his name I thought:

Wow. I’ve never heard of anyone having that name… I know a few Dons, but no Dom. … … … Why am I so fascinated with his name…?

It was only after the title “Architect” was used a few times by the characters that it clicked: You see, “Dom” for me is related to DOM, which stands for “Document Object Model.” This is a software programming term that is most simply understood as a way of interacting with objects in web code (HTML, XHTML, XML, etc).

In other words, DOM is a way for things to talk together, interact, and is used to “create” relationships and interactivity, just like he (Leonardo Dicaprio) does in the movie and in the dream-states!

Love it. I was seriously endeared to him because of his name. I wonder if Christopher Nolan did that on purpose…?