The Quality of Life Series…Faith

Faith. I am not talking religion for this post. I mean it. This isn’t the post about believing in a superior being, a tree or anything else for that matter. That’s up to you to work on. This is the other faith. Do you know about that faith? Well sit down in a comfortable chair, get your reading glasses if you need them, like me, kick back and read on.

Patti and I went to Cayucos, California this past weekend. We needed a break and this is our favorite place on the coast — a little north of Pismo Beach which is where most people go. They have great shops, restaurants and other things people enjoy doing. Cayucos is laid back and to be honest, perfect for us and I would love to move there.

So my faith in finding the perfect spot is complete. I have faith in Cayucos as a place to visit that it will soothe me and help me get back on track. I know a day or more there makes me feel good inside again. It gives me faith to work again and faith in my healing process. Do you have a place that does that for you? Could be a place in the woods, the desert, or anyplace that helps you heal.

I find the healing process for me isn’t just about quiet time. It’s about fitting in. We spent two day talking, walking, and just enjoying ourselves. We talked to store owners, restaurant owners, all types of people walking around, and I kept asking them question about their quality of life. Most people who were visitors to Cayucos said it was charming and a perfect place to veg out. Can’t argue with that. The thing is I wanted more from them. On Sunday night, I finally hit pay-day with a gentleman who came into the same restaurant we were at called The Shanty to get a drink and watch the NCAA game. We were at the bar waiting for our dinner to go and he sat down next to Patti and couldn’t believe he had a center seat right in front of the TV. He was so happy. We started talking and he heard my accent and wanted to know what part of Boston I was from. I told him and he said he had family in Buzzards Bay on Cape Cod and had just been there last year

Well we talked and laughed for a few and then I asked him what made him feel good about Cayucos. He said it was his first time there and he felt like he had lived there all of his life. The people everywhere were friendly, even the tourists. When he said those words “like he had lived there all of his life” those hit me hard because that’s how Patti and I feel whenever we go there. I never want to leave because I have faith in Cayucos settling everything inside.

Faith in the people, the sea, the tourists walking around and the strangers/owners of the store that are getting to know us. They actually remember us from the last time. Although it was because I talked about clam cakes at the restaurant “Duckies” who by the way has the best chowder there or if you’re from Boston like me, Chowdah…..

So do you have a place you have faith in? Let’s hear about the place. If it’s people let’s hear about the people. Maybe take a few pics to add to this collection?

Be Well, More to come.