The Reckoning


3 years ago to the day I accepted an invitation to a meeting from one of my closest friends called Reckoning. Chris Ames, a partner at 8BIT, had been discussing with me about the newish blog that I had launched and I had prophesied that it was going to be a significant blog (I retired this blog yesterday).

This is what the meeting notes said:

John Saddington thinks TentBlogger will be a known word beyond our network (Will happen in 3-5 years). He also thinks that TentBlogger will be the most profitable property (the flagship) of the 8BIT family. Is this true today?

It’s funny and entertaining to think back just three years ago as it seems like a literal lifetime has passed. If I recall correctly, at the time we were growing out our network of blogs as well as our core product, Standard Theme, and I was settling into to my life as a professional blogger.



I knew that TentBlogger would be a big property – the traffic and momentum that had been created in only 6 months was electric and my audience was growing at a faster pace than I had ever experienced previously on a new blog. I was headed places and I shared this sentiment with my friend.

Now Chris, who rarely backs down from a challenge, thought it would be worth seeing if my guestimation would prove to be true in 3 to 5 years and we set up a meeting 3 years from that day to see if it came true – I had that meeting yesterday, one day early, to let him know that I had failed and that I was wrong.

You see, TentBlogger, as of yesterday no longer technically existed as I had retired it properly. But, it was also not the largest blog in our collective network of official properties and staff blogs. WP Daily, which was launched just 6 short months ago in December of 2012, is blowing the pants off of any blog that we’ve ever started and was dwarfing TentBlogger in nearly every way.

So Chris, here’s to you my friend, who challenged me to work towards my goal as well as committed me to staying accountable to do my utmost to make it happen. And, of course, you get big ups because it’s very rare that you win any argument that we have, so I’ll give you this one my good sir.


A practical note for those that may find this meeting a bit comical – it is and it isn’t at the same time. Setting goals for yourself and your blogging property really works. If you don’t have at least short-term goals then you’re missing out on a serious component of success.

When we launched WP Daily we started with a few goals ourselves and we’re on track to knock every single one out of the park. I can’t stress this enough. Even if you’re a casual blogger it’s still fun and effective to have a few goals as well.