The Scary Things

When was the last time that you did something that reallytruly, frightened you? When was the last time that you found yourself on the proverbial edge and peered over into the abyss?

I don’t think we do this often enough. I don’t think that most of us get even close to that type of place. I mean, why would we? Why would I? Why would anyone willingly put themselves into a frightful situation?

I’ve stared at one such decision in the past few weeks that has caused me a great amount of internal wrestling. No, it’s not the vlog… although it has created more than a bit of anxiety for me.

Rather, it’s been about sharing something deep, something personal with other people, even folks that are the most closest to me. Ironically, sharing this information will naturally bring healing, restoration, and resolve. It’ll create a narrow but now available pathway toward recovery.

I even thought of sharing it publicly via the vlog today but I held back and I couldn’t bring myself to publish. Why? Because it was scary. It literally took my breath away and made me light-headed.

And even as I pen this post this evening I can feel a bit of sweat begin to pool around my temples. It’s a scary thing… and it’s a good thing. It won’t become less scary but maybe, eventually, I’ll find a way to get pushed off the metaphorical cliff of my heart and mind.

It’ll be a gift, to myself at first, and then, perhaps later, to others.