The Standard Mommy Blogger WordPress Theme

The person known as the Mommy Blogger is an amazing, wonderful, and under-appreciated resource for parents today. They represent a rich and valuable Internet community that oozes passion and unfettered soul. New to parenting? No problem! They are here to help. They rely on real life experience and a healthy dose of candor to bring us stories of unrelenting inspiration, unexpected humor, and crushing defeat. All while performing one of the most heroic duties of all time.

Yes, mommy bloggers are a fantastic resource for parents. They are resourcing us, but who is resourcing them?

Well, we are!

Our latest monthly customization is Standard Mommy Blogger because we know that Standard Theme is the best WordPress theme for Mommy Bloggers. We are so certain that our theme will increase your organic, drive-by traffic from Google the first month you use it, that we will refund your purchase if it doesn’t! Under the hood it is amazing, but the bland, minimal design of the exterior doesn’t exactly scream “girl power,” and that’s where this month’s child theme enters the scene.

Mommy’s love options! So this theme customization comes packaged with 10 smartly coordinated backgrounds that are easily changed via the WordPress admin panel.

As usual, this customization is only available for our Support License customers. If that’s you, jump right into the download area and grab your copy. If you’re not a Support License customer, we have an upgrade option! For a one-time fee you get unlimited support, all future version upgrades, and nifty theme customizations just like this one. Oh, and Standard Theme tutorials are also included!

OK, so you’re convinced about our theme, and you love the Support License, but there’s just one problem. You’re not a mommy blogger. You are the rare and elusive “daddy blogger.” We’re not here to judge you, bro. Rest easy there. In fact we have just the thing to help you earn back your man card.

This is our Tron-inspired child theme, built for Support License customers. So if that doesn’t make you want to throw on a pair of dark spandex with glowing neon stripes, well, you’re on your own pal. And even if it does, you’re still on your own. Cuz some things are better left to Hollywood.

Regardless of where you stand, the Support License is a tremendous value! We know you’ll love it.