The Subscription Workflow Works

A month ago we launched an important feature that we decided to test-drive before enabling it more broadly to our entire community: Paid Rooms.

A handful of folks tried our new workflow and although it was a bit busted it did what we asked it to do and folks stuck around. A month goes by fast and yesterday I saw this in my inbox:

It works… it works!

The folks that had subscribed last month didn’t churn… or they forgot that they had subbed but the more important part is that our subscription workflow does, in fact, work and now we can firm things up a bit more for a bigger release.

Time moves slow and fast, at the same time. There is so much more work to be done but we’re very close to getting to gold status as a product; maybe another month (or so). Or, maybe not.

Either way, one foot in front of the next.

You know, sometimes… I can’t believe that anything that I build actually works — it’s not that I doubt my own technical capabilities (or my team’s) but it’s simply because I’m so genuinely surprised that anyone would send me any money for anything that I make.

The way of the artist, I suppose.