The Way It Should Have Been


Adobe Creative Suite 4 – Web Premium

I can’t even tell you how old this disk is but it’s still my version of choice because I’m used to the UI design and I don’t want to spend any more money, especially right now.

There was something very special about this version of the software and although I can’t tell you (nor remember) why this particular version made much more sense than the previous versions, I do remember the feeling: Finally, this is how it was supposed to be!

And it’s as if I fell in love with the product for the very first time. For those that do not know, I got my “start” in serious web development back in the mid-90’s building Flash-based applications for a Fortune 50 company. My primary role was building the next generation international eCommerce platform while on the side I was greenlit for a somewhat “skunkworks” project designing the new interactive marketing pages for the companies push into Japan.

Specifically, I was building an interactive Acuvue Contact Lens marketing / landing page for Japanese girls age 13-18. Color contacts had just hit the market and we we’re pushing hard to win marketshare and make landfall.

And that’s when (if I remember correctly) the “Suites” started coming out via Macromedia. At the time it was MX. I asked my boss to purchase an enterprise license but also see if I could get myself a copy on the “Student” price.

The next day I had it on my desk. The rest is history.

This Feels Right

That’s the way I think about Pressgram – this is how it should have always been, giving the users the control and power back to them instead of being victims of corporate greed, enterprise commercialization, and general exploitation of users.

Why not just give them what is already theirs to begin with? Doesn’t that just make sense?

Pressgram, I hope, will remind people of their unalienable rights as authors, creatives, artists, and online publishers that their work is their own and they should get mad if those rights are stripped.

It just feels right.