Things Fall Apart

It’s hard to watch this and not wince more than a few times:

Sometimes, we can be so focused on the outcomes that we forget that there are real people in the middle.

I think about that quite a bit these days.

I think about that when it comes to my children and the many choices that I make that they observe all the time, from the smallest act of kindness to a stranger to the way that I “dress someone down” when I’ve lost composure while driving.

I think about that when I consider all of the decisions that I have to make as a leader for my team and the quality of how I communicate and execute those decisions from badly done to cataclysmically-bad.

Sometimes, I make an “okay” decision but even then it’s always hard to know in the moment when it must be made.

Are we listening to our children? Are we really listening to our staff and friends and peers who need to communicate something to us but we’re just… not… listening…?

We need to shut the fuck up and listen.