Things Have Changed


Project: XANGA

Things have changed.  A lot actually.  It’s been a week and then some since I’ve come back from the Balkan area.  Sarajevo, Bosnia, was da shiznit.  Not because it was necessarily a beautiful country (although it was gorgeous), nor soley because of some of the awesome times I had with my team or with the fellow Sarajevo University System students (which was mad dope), but more because of what God was doing in my life thru all of this.  Imagine being blindsided by a full-fledged punch to the face by Bruce Lee or someone of that caliber… … which, in fact, happened… literally…  not by Mr. Lee but someone else…  but, anyways, knocked da junk out, repeatedly, knowing that it was just God breaking you down.  Ah, the joyous feeling of being painfully broken.  Total destruction and annihilation of everything comforting and safe and secure, and the blissful reconstructive surgery on a shattered spirit and undiscerning soul.  God’s got mad skills.  The question arose as I headed back to the ‘land of the free’ about how I would go about sharing everything that He had so strategically placed upon and in my heart.  I realized that it is simply impossible to quantify or qualify to any decent, noble, or worthy extent that which He has granted me thru His awesome power and Grace.  I must live it.  As part of the character that is within me, that wants so desperately to connect to everyone else’s inborn Christ identity, and thru that so gentle and loving connection, pass to others the ‘goodness’ that I’ve been so blessed with recieving.

Man, I’m so excited.  I miss all you guys.  Those in Atlanta, holding it down fo real.  My fellow brothers and sisters fighting evil and representing it hardcore in France.  My sister in Japan.  Those going to East Asia.  Those in NC, and the many other states of the US…  Dang, all over the place…  So far… but, not, at the same time.  It’s comforting to know that all of us share the comon bond of Christhood and that destroys distance like no other.  Coming back to Tech this year is going to be great.  When one thinks about all the potential and possiblity and things that the Lord is going to do…  Man, makes my heart skip a beat.  Ooooooooh, the possibilities.

And, so, I guess, that’s about it.  I don’t feel like writing much tonight.  Many stories to share, 1400 pics to show people… actually, only 1000 maybe, cause, you know, some of them are a little…  different.  Gotta represent the ‘abridged’ version, nahmene.  Anyways.  I love God.  I love my friends, and family. …  I miss my friends.  Man.  Love is so good.

hAdOkEn!  …  oh, and remember, never forget to represent the J-Rock!

fO sHo!  Dang son…

{p}  7.17.03