The Most Counter-Intuitive Thing in the World

The most counter-intuitive thing in the world is to think for oneself, really.

This is literally the only thing that I want to teach my kids, outside of the more obvious things that every parent cares about.

We are taught to give up our ability to think for ourselves from a very, very early age as we are given (i.e. force-fed) “truths” that may not, in fact, be true. Much of our current education system is built-upon this farce and it does not promote independence of thought or a pursuit of individual enlightenment.

Rather, they teach you the “standard” things that you must learn so that you can become like everyone else. These children become adults and then literally regurgitate the same shit that their parents did, as part of the on-going machine of propaganda and lies, which are being slowly (and violently) revealed.

I find myself weekly having to talk through these things with my High School sophomore who shares with me the stuff (madness) that she’s being taught. I try my best to provide an alternative perspective without sinking the entire ship.

Bitcoin has revealed, for instance, the lie that is central banks and their “historically wise” monetary policy which isn’t a policy at all but legalized theft of private property, our rights, and liberty at-scale as the value of your long-term savings erode.

I grew up in this “fiat standard” — just like all of you — and my eyes have been opened; are yours? Or are you still trying to figure out why the money that you have, today, no longer affords the same things as it once did but your salary and compensation hasn’t changed enough to compensate for the up-shift in operational costs.

Was that your fault? Or someone else’s?

Think for yourself. This is more than just taking a “red” pill; it’s about honestly and humbly encountering the reality that we’ve been trained and taught to ignore. We weren’t sleeping as we’ve been awake the entire time.

But maybe some of us need to wake up.