This Post Was Written By a Design Intern


…these are the words that could come close to describing the first week of my internship. Or at least this is how I’ve learned to speak. It is the language of John.

Hello interwebs, I’m 8Bit’s new intern – Alex.

This first week has been a whirlwind getting integrated into the team. Everyone of the guys is witty, hard-working, and fun. On our back channel we give each other no-holds-barred hard time 18 hours a day. But most importantly they have made me feel 100% accepted and comfortable hopping into their world.

I’ve had a few assignments to start off. I retrofitted a design kit for the new Standard 2.5 release. I believe it’s hitting up the forums soon. I’ve also been tasked with putting together some ideas and wireframes for a new 8Bit site (! shh).

First Impressions

Since I’m a design intern, Jared has shown me the most love. We’ve discussed some of the super secret projects coming down the project pipeline and shared ideas. He’s a great designer and I dig his style.

I’ve learned that Tom is the boss. So is Chris. But Tom is the best developer here and he can hold solving an abstract php problem hostage until you give him cookies.

Chris is the old man father type of the team. He’s got a lot of wisdom and rocks project organization. Oh, and he can write a mean email.

Then there’s Stephen. The OTHER intern. My arch nemesis. I guess. He’s Swedish. That’s all I have to say about that.

Andrew & Michael .. I can’t seem to tell these apart yet. They live somewhere in the midwest, so they get blurred together. Michael rocks the Standard support forums and Andrew is our A/V guy.. you know.. the dorky one from Saved By The Bell.

Who am I missing? Oh yeah.. John. Oh well.