Thoughts on Living in a Basement

I’m not sure if it was obvious to anyone out there in the interwebs, but I’ve been living in someone’s basement for the past few months. In fact, I’m not sure I “announced” it or anything like that (not that it needs to be announced…).

It’s been rather fun, actually.

And sure, now I can knock that one off my bucket list.

Long story short, we had made an offer on a house and not renewed our lease agreement on the condo we were renting. The offer fell through (due to some very shady dealings on the seller’s end) and we had no place to live. Thus, we jumped into a friend’s basement.

This worked out quite nicely as bootstrapping requires you to make a number of odd decisions and sacrifices. I didn’t think I’d be “that” guy to do “that type of thing” but here we are and it’s doable. It’s fine.

A few physical observations to share:

  • A basement is typically underneath some much larger living space which means you can hear stomping children above easily.
  • A basement is “cozy” living.
  • The “rooms” in a basement typically don’t have windows. This means that it can get very dark, even during midday.
  • A basement is typically colder than the rest of the house.
  • A basement can be subject to some very interesting bugs and other such creatures.
  • Unless carpeted, a basement’s floor is very cold.
  • Plumbing can be an interesting thing in a basement.
  • Alternative routes to vehicles must be created, managed, or navigated.

It’s like a Hobbit’s hole when you look at it from the right angle.

A few other things that I’ve come to think about:

  • One can live anywhere with the right attitude and the right people.
  • Small children do not care one bit on where they live or how large the living space.
  • A home can become a home if you make the effort.
  • Humility and Pride can be challenged at times.
  • Setting boundaries and expectations for the people living above you are required (and healthy).
  • The level of appreciation for home owning and personal living space sky rockets to new levels.
  • It’s been an invaluable experience. I’d recommend it to everyone.

I honestly believed that I could live anywhere and I now have been able to test my resolve.


[Note: Images in post are not my actual living environment…]