Three Good Friends

via Peter Thiel:

An executive once told me she thought that if you had three good friends at your office then you’d never leave. If you had no good friends, you were a very at-risk employee.

Fascinating metric. And yes, it’s a really good question to ask. He continues:

It’s a really good question: How do you build a company culture where people have strong friendships with at least a few people at work?

That’s healthier than having a super professional approach where there’s this low-level chronic dislike everybody has of everybody else, and it somehow functions but people are unhappy — which I think is true of a lot of law firms or investment banks.

I think this has everything to do with creating a healthy organizational culture and using the key ingredient of trust as a foundational element.

Besides, without trust, how could you possible make friends? There’s a clear priority here.

Thiel has some other great thoughts as well in this interview, too many to quote without copy-and-pasting the entire article.