The Number Three

The “strategy of the 3” is what I call it when I’m not thinking about keeping it to myself and people are like “huh, what?”

I like the number 3. Almost as much as I love #FF5100. But, for certain, I’m obsessed. More than that, I can’t unsee it. When I was a kid I would see them all over the ground as geometrical shapes and I was scared that if I walked on one of the “cracks” or “lines” that I would be harmed. I’m not sure how but I thought it would hurt.

Insane-level shit, okay? Okay.

Now, I overcame this by deciding that if I could mentally picture every single permutation of a triangle within the bounded square or rectangle pavement piece that I would have covered all of the tessellations required to proceed to the next square. I made it a game.

I figured it was like jumping from one group of pixelated bricks in Super Mario and that this was just another game, except, in my world, it wasn’t 2-D side-scrolling action as those “tessallations” were allowed to overlap; I was always thinking in 3-D. It kind of gives you motion sickness a lot.

“Smart people” (like, legitimately smart folks like this gal) like to frame this as the simple difference between linear / associative thinking. That might clear for most neurotypicals but it’s much more contiguous than continuous; it’s associative but with dimensionality.


I do like that word, in particular, “contiguous” as it so aptly applies my brain pattern. There’s a beauty to contiguous thought, but, levels though. Think levels! Levels, layers, and a strata of connections between them all, in an array. It’s how you minimize surface area of thought while maximizing points of contact. It’s alarmingly-intimate. Eww.

Or, that’s how my mind works. I’m failing at describing this adequately, most likely. Sorry. Let’s talk about an example of how I apply this to my work.

I’ll try.

So, Why 3 Websites Good Sir?

Besides the fact that all I can do are things in sequences of 3-allthethings is the fact that 2 is fun but 3 is almost always better (and more fun).

See, chess and checkers are fun but like the game itself there’s a bounded relationship and all outcomes reduce to something binary; boring. Winner, loser, and mastery is calculated in time. Linear. Deterministic. Continuous. Boring.

But, if you add another human things explode into multi-dimensional gameplay. You have culture, a primitive (but sophisticated) socio-economical system that can be controlled by things outside of data, like hubris, ego, shame, guilt, and any / all layers of emotion that are now fair-play. Winning (and losing) resources, in every way, shape, and form, must be a negotiation, first with oneself and then with the other two. Timing is important, of course, but only in concert with science (evidence) and something novel (technology) enough to change behavior (social).

It is the irreducible minimum of what I believe to be the infinite game. And that’s why I like them so much because it lessens the focus on the individual, trading the taxonomy for a “group” as a single unit of one. New patterns emerge and I work really well with patterns because I simply cannot see individuals as easily as I see groups. Ask my wife.


But, wait. A triangle isn’t a pattern, is it? Oh, but it is in 3-D, get it now? No? Fuck.

Anyways, no matter. Back to three websites:

The reason I have 3 simultaneous websites running at this very moment for the bulk of our current BETA Campaign and go-to-market motion is because:

  1. I like the number 3. Did you not know that?
  2. With 3 you can create a “game”; with 2 you cannot.
  3. Ergo, it makes it more fun because games are fun.

What you’ll find is that I’ve linked them to one another in an assorted yet intentional way so that the chances of you visiting all three in a single visit is extremely high. You’ll find a bit of repetition throughout in order to press home the same message but from three specific yet triangulated ways:

  1. The Technology — YEN.IO represents not just the “tech” but also the business. We want to have something that discusses those things in terms that most folks would understand. Although, I try to have fun with it.
  2. The Community — completes the simple task of describing who we are and what we are about.
  3. The Mission — TheEndof.Social is designed to ask questions, more than answer them. And it’s ultimately asking them to “choose a side” and then do something with that decision.

These three elements seem to be useful when launching a product on the internet.

But don’t forget the fact that I’m also revising / editing this copy constantly as new data emerges or I encounter a better way to express our message and mission. Never stop iterating on your content and copy.

So, if you can, find ways to use the “strategy of 3” or “tactics of 3” or “system of 3” or just “3” — you’ll find you can create more interesting games for your users and members and you’ll add a dimensionality to your experience that’ll be simultaneously fascinating and fun.

This is what the internet was made for.