On Time-Based Qualifications



Occasionally I’ll review some of my more favorite job boards to see some of the new openings that are available to talented software engineers. I am generally more interested in who is offering the roles instead of the actual roles themselves.

(No, I’m not looking for work as I am way too busy already with my current commitments!)

And I’ve discovered more than a few disappointing observations that have generally made me very sad:

  • The time qualification is the least-likely predictor of success or “fit” for the role and yet it’s highlighted predominantly in nearly all job requisites.
  • For example, this job listing above requires 4+ years of iOS experience and if I were to take this at face value I would be immediately unqualified for the role since I technically only have less than 2 years explicitly. Sad, because I know that I could absolutely kill it if I wanted to and was in the market for a new opportunity.
  • In fact, most jobs reqs for “iOS” need someone who has much more iOS experience than I have – I suppose my 17+ years of engineering may not full qualify my less than 2 years of iOS in any meaningful way?
  • I think it says something about the company (and their representative or recruiter) who’s posting these job reqs who is either unaware of this flawed time-based concept or doesn’t care enough to curate the post in a way that attracts the right candidates.
  • Most job requisites make little mention of culture or organizational fit as part of their need. I would think that most companies now (especially the younger ones) would put this near the top of the list for recruitment. Huh. My bad.
  • 9 out of 10 job listings are an absolute #yawnfest. So, so, so boring. So poorly written too. They don’t sound exciting in the least. If they highlight anything it’s the free beer and work-from-home “atmosphere” and things that I couldn’t care less about.

Man, have I been “out” of it for so long or have the job listings always been this bad? I think it’s the latter… yes, it’s gotta be that. They were bad when I was trying to find new gigs many years ago.


If I am to be unqualified for a job it should be based on things that matter.