Dividing Time Between Family and Work

Here’s an important question asked about work and family via Wiselike:

How do you divide your time between family and work? I work full-time and then work on my side projects when possible as well as freelance projects, try to blog and honestly it feels like there isn’t enough hours in a day to balance it all.

Are there any things you personally do to ensure you have blocks of time to work on apps, blog posts and other non-family involving tasks?

Here’s my answer:

Division of time is impossible to do well because this assumes that there is actually a formula that will create a discrete solution for this problem / challenge.

The reality is that doing work and family isn’t binary. Instead, I see this challenge as a tension to be managed instead of a problem to be solved.

A rubber-band (and a rubber band ball) is a much better metaphor and model than a “balance beam”. I write a few more thoughts about this integration of life and work here:

An Integrated Life

To be an encouragement, you’re asking the right types of questions:

I’m Gonna Have Dinner with My Family

If there is a “balance” its really more about the purpose of one’s work:

The Efficient Laborer

And, of course, you want to either create or work in an environment that can take care of you:

Family Friendly

Good luck!