There is one area of technology that I have very little experience with and that’s AR/VR. It was only recently that I purchased one of the Google Cardboard headsets!

This area of technology is fascinating though and the recent iOS update and the growing number of AR apps in the App Store is fun to play with.

Just messing around.

This is one area of technology that I’m entirely behind the curve on and I think I’m okay with that. I’ve never even put on an Oculus rig yet and although I’ve seen YouTube videos of people’s experiences… it doesn’t excite me to go out and try it.

At some point I will and then I’m sure I’ll write something about it.

But, for now, I don’t mind observing and watching other people get deeply engaged with it. I’m okay with that. Sometimes being an observer is exactly what you’re supposed to do.

And, quite frankly, I don’t have any time (and that’s probably a good thing).

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