Time Guarantees It

I love that Jason and David take their business-building craft seriously, intentionally making the necessary and hard decisions so that they can stay focused, aligned, and performant as a team and as a business.

They are going to get some really vitriolic backlash on this 180-degree turn because they haven’t been afraid to get political, especially DHH.

But these are good changes and it’s made me review my own handbook and operating virtues and think through how we fundamentally behave as a team and culture. And like he said:

When you’ve been around 20 years, you’ve been through change. You’re used to it, and comfortable with it. These changes are part of a continuum in the experiment of independence that is Basecamp (and 37signals before that). We’ll eventually run headlong into big change again. This is what we’ve done, and this is what we’ll do — time guarantees it.

via Jason

This wasn’t the first “shift” and it won’t be the last one. Time guarantees it. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to change one’s mind.