Thomas Edison once said:

Time is really the only capital that any human being has and the thing that he can least afford to waste or lose…

I think that’s all you need to reflect on today so go do that right now. Think of what you’re spending your time doing and ask if it’s the very best thing that you could be doing with your time, your very life. You’ve only got one and when it’s done it’s done.

What a sad waste for you to have used your most precious and limited resource and asset on the things that do not matter that much. What a tragic idea. I feel this even more acutely now that I’m over 30 – I’m on the back-half of what may be it. After that? Zilch, nada, kaput. I’m gone.

It’s time to get going, to do your great work. How much do you really have to lose? If you strip away all the bogus stuff and the many excuses for why you can’t go do X when you’re stuck doing Y because of Z-related factors you realize that most of Z are self-generated and based on your insecurities more than anything else.

No, I couldn’t do that because I’d make less money and I want to save for the future. – What future are you talking about? The future when you’re dead and can no longer have any chance of doing that great thing? You have prioritize money as a more valuable resource than time. You have also showcased how sad your internal prioritization really is.

No, I couldn’t do that because people would think me strange. – We don’t say it this way but we think of it often, don’t we? How many times do we hesitate to do something because we fear the judgement of others? Those people are your personal accomplices to great waste. Time to ditch the insecurities and go be amazing.

No, I couldn’t do that because I don’t have the right credentials. – Wha, say wah? Outside of being a legal or medical professional (you should get those degrees and education so I when I need brain surgery I will know that you know what you’re doing!) there are really very few “credentials” that you need to do great work. Another excuse.

And the list goes on and on and on. I’ve heard so many of them during my coaching sessions and time with other people, No, I couldn’t… [fill in the blank].

Ready to stop whining? Go go go.