Time’s a Wastin’

I got this question via my Wiselike page:

Can you describe your experience working with indie apps?

What does it take to be successful in the indie app field as opposed to mainline gaming? Is there more competition between indie apps and mainline games, or are they in different arenas? I want to get into gaming, but how can I tell if it would be better for me to work in indie apps vs. mainline games?

Here’s my response:

The best answer I can give is one that doesn’t answer your direct question but instead helps you focus on what really, REALLY matters…

The reality is that you don’t know whether you’ll be successful in the “indie app field” as opposed to “mainline gaming” – and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be successful either.

But, I didn’t start building apps and products as an indie with any of those expectations or explicit hopes and/or goals. Instead, I was interested in just building and seeing what would happen.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t think and dream about being “successful” because everyone does that… but, again, how could I know? And, regardless of the competitive landscape, should that necessarily stop you from pursuing your ideas and seeing what can happen when you do?

More people get stopped at the “I wonder…” stage than any stage out there. But, the few who manage to overcome this natural inertia and actually execute are the ones who ultimately get rewarded.

I am a huge proponent of having a Bias Toward Action, just starting, and making sure that if you do start, whatever it is, that you build it for yourself and, if I can add one final thing, that you get some help from people that you trust.

You never know what you’re on the very edge of doing and accomplishing but you won’t ever know until you try. Get to it, time’s a wastin’…!

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