On Tinkering and Writing

I love to “tinker” because the goal isn’t to necessarily improve the object or the idea but rather to engage with it in a casual way, almost playful manner that sometimes creates more value for me than an intense and overly-emotional project.

Tinkering with new technologies, experimenting with different ideas to try, all of this is part of who I am – I even have a small monthly budget of “throw away” money to try this and that (it’s small though… at some point I’d love a much bigger one).

But tinkering is not always helpful nor beneficial when it comes to writing…

As one reader candidly shared with me regarding this recent blog post:

You’ve already been a huge help!

For example, I was thinking about going with Medium, for several reasons.

But, then I was also thinking about getting into the details with Jekyll, or something. I was even tinkering with Jekyll yesterday…

But, your post today was a firm kick, and I had to ask myself – “what are you trying to do, write? Or tinker?”

Don’t get me know wrong… I love to tinker. It’s what I do for a living. But what I don’t do, at all, in any aspect of my life right now is write. And, I think it would do me a lot of good to start.

You can see the original email here:


You see, the point is this: You either write or you do not write. There is no tinkering involved.

Oh, Yoda…

There is no “try” as Yoda says. I suppose you could argue that you might be “tinkering” with the idea of writing but even that is a waste of time and energy.

Just write. Or not. Write or do, as I’ve said before. See what happens.