TinyMCE Updated to 4.2


I saw yesterday that TinyMCE was updated to version 4.2.1 and this new update has some neat features that I’m thinking about incorporating in Desk.

For instance, there are some new “copy” features that allow you to copy text with applied styles and save the formatting for the user after pasting. Currently, I use v4.0.26 of TinyMCE in the existing app, so this update could bring some even greater utility for users.

I think what I’ll do is great a separate branch of the codebase, apply the update to the app, and take a look at how I feel about it for a week or so. It could solve a bit of problems in the future of the app even though it would create a minor update for existing users.

Still, thinking about moving forward with existing systems is always a good thing. There’s nothing worse than being locked into an old version or even a deprecated one that’s holding the app (and your users) back.