I am Tired of Twitter

I am oh so tired of Twitter. As much as I have leveraged it over the past 6 years and 16 days (to be exact) I have never been in love with it.

It’s like that irritating cousin or distant relative that is technically “family” and that you’d love to avoid during large family events but that you feel obligated to touch-base with to maintain some modicum of relational equity.

Or perhaps it’s like that nagging email or to-do item in your inbox or productivity app that you can’t quite finish out nor complete because it just keeps on showing up for whatever reason (my metaphors are failing badly right now).

The bottom line is that I’ve reach of point where I am seriously considering a permanent leave of absence – this hasn’t been the first time I’ve thought about it and after taking a week off (which expanded to a full month) I can still remember the beauty which was being away from it (here’s my complete retrospective).

I’m thinking about pulling the plug on it – not deleting the account (@Saddington to be specific) as I wouldn’t want someone to pose as me for fun or whatever but to simply remove it as a daily and functional activity, routine, and habit.

The biggest tactical question is whether I keep it entirely inactive or whether I still share blog posts through it as a marketing channel exclusively (which I am unashamed about doing).

So, the choice is either:

  1. Stop all use permanently.
  2. Share links to blog posts when they are published. Nothing more, nothing less. No interactivity other than blog post links (I would have these auto-fire too so I wouldn’t ever have to login to the system).

Thoughts? I’d love to hear your perspective(s)… Oh, and I’m not replacing it with anything (I’m not heading to Google+ or becoming an epic super-duper LinkedIn pro-guru or anything like that…).