TLD’s / URLs To Avoid for Medium Publications

I’m putting together a new Medium Publication for my “Medium + macOS” project, codename mnml, and I was very excited to create a custom domain for the blog.

This is natural as I’m building a native desktop client for Medium…! Sadly, I was told that the TLD (“Top Level Domain”) that I’m using is not compatible with their SSL partner, Comodo (I believe I got this right).


I am using the “.af” extension and it’s just not going to work. For reference, I asked what other TLDs won’t work and thankfully they gave me a full run-down.

Here are the top-level domains that you won’t be able to use for custom domains (at least right now):

  • Afghanistan – AF
  • Belarus – BY
  • Côte d’Ivoire – CI
  • Cuba – CU
  • Eritrea – ER
  • Guinea – GN
  • Iran – IR
  • Iraq – IQ
  • Lebanon – LB
  • Liberia – LR
  • Myanmar – MM
  • North Korea – KP
  • Pakistan – PK
  • Rwanda – RW
  • Sierra Leone – SL
  • Syria – SY
  • Sudan – SD
  • South Sudan – SS
  • Zimbabwe – ZW

Again, I imagine Medium would love if they were able to use every TLD available for custom domain mapping but their SSL partner that gives out the certifications hasn’t made them available yet.

This is just a simple PSA since I was unable to find this information directly from Medium’s Help Article on Custom Domains.



Now, I won’t be changing the domain name ( so I’ll just have to use what they’ve given me out of the box.

There’s a strange amount of irony here… but… that’s okay, I still love you Medium.