To the Ends of the Earth

Jesus told us that we’d be His witnesses to the ends of the earth: Acts 1:8.  The biggest unspoken mistake that I’ve made without conscientiously realizing it is believing, even for a second, that our work, globally, was done.

Today I was quickly and humbly reminded that our work is not nearly complete.

This amazing article and pictures show some of earth’s last untouched people groups.  If they’ve never had contact with the outside world that naturally means that they’ve never heard the Gospel.  Which means that someone’s got to get there and let them know.

Romans 10:14-15 is what this is all about.

Seeing pictures like these reminds me of the incredible movie The End of the Spear, which chronicles the story of Jim Eliot and 4 other American missionaries as they encounter Waodani people group and are killed for their efforts.

If you haven’t seen this movie, you’ve got to rent it.  The pictures from this article look incredibly similar.  It’s unbelievable.

Lord, may we continue to find ways to preach Your Word to those who do not know You, and may you give us the courage and strength to fulfill your calling “to the ends of the earth.”