To The Very End

I once thought it would be pretty neat to be an actor, spending my time communicating stories on the silver screen. I’m sure most kids, at some point, fantasize the possibility.

I even tried my hand at a bit of acting in Middle School and although I had a good deal of fun I realized that it requires a lot more skill than I naturally had and would require a serious amount of time and investment to become even remotely decent.

That’s the first time I caught a glimpse of the art that is acting and I’ve been fascinated (and impressed) by actors and actresses that take their craft seriously and who are able to communicate powerful truths with not just their language but also their body.

Like Ian McKellen:

Wild stuff, that’s for sure.

What I love most is the idea that Ian can communicate the same ideas but more powerfully by using just his eyes – no words required!

While it’s much, much easier to simply say what you feel or use the dialogue to advance the plot, sometimes it’s just better to say nothing at all; a good reminder for not just acting but life in general.

An actress uses everything she has to communicate a truth, a feeling, an idea, so that we might join her in her quest. Naturally, the more effective she is the more likely we are to follow her to the very end.