Today has been full of wonder

Today has been full of wonder… I woke up today not thinking about much, but, yeah…  And, I wrote the things before and nothing much happened… NOT!!! Went to the Family Christian Bookstore.  Mammy and I head over there to get some items for some of the people I might meet and buy some thankyou cards.  I asked the manager if he’d like to support me on my mission trip, or at least, donate somethings for the people I might meet.  Man, I must say, that was so ballsy of me, cause, now that I think of it… what the heck was i doing?!?  But, the guy flat-out said no to me, on both ideas.  And didn’t help me with even giving me more info on the chain of stores…  I felt really bummed, but, man, what the heck was I thinking anyways?  I had less than 24 hours to get 600 dollars, man, I was getting desperate I guess.  Oh well.  I bought some bookmarks, some thankyou notes, Screwtape Letters and some other book.  Then, we headed to Wasabi, right next door. I went to lunch with mammy at Wasabi.  I had tons of sushi, cause, man, it would probably be awhile till the next time…  And, mammy and I discussed some stuff about the mission trip.  I told her that I was nervous, cause, well, I am a little.  I wasn’t sure, deep down, if I was ready, or that I’ve done enough to get ready.  I was sort of feeling really bummed about the experience with the manager 30 minutes ago, but, whatever.  We finally got up and left.  I called lakewood to see if they had a check for me, interestingly enough, they did.  But, that would come later I suppose, my mammy wanted me to vote. So, we headed over to this church on southside right across from vistakon.  I found it a strange location for people to vote… especially since i found myself trying to vote for the best of the two evils… but, oh well.  It seemed that I wasn’t registered anyways… but, they put in a ballot for me anyways… i somehow slid thru.  It was very interesting. I didn’t say a single word while I was there.  THe entire time, I was completely silent.  They asked me questions and I would look at mammy and she would answer them for me.  THat was funny.  But, it was the first time I had ever voted, and the thing is, it probably wouldn’t even count…  It wasn’t everything it was cracked up to be, but, hey, what is voting supposed to be about anyways?… So, then, we headed over to church.  Lakewood was hosting a voting place as well, interesting…  SO, I walked in and picked up the check and headed outside.  As I was walking out I opened the envelope.  I was seriously expecting maybe 100, maybe up to 300 but no more than that… Dear Lord… It was a check for 1020.00 dollars. … … … DEAR GOD!  I think the biggest smile came across my face and then, I dunno, I blew up.  I walked out to the car and looked at mammy and smiled the entire way there and oh my God, I just walked up and told her the amount, hopped in and yelled, for the first time in my life in front of mammy without her scolding me for it, screamed ‘Oh My God!!!’… not once, but, a couple times.  The next hour or so I was possibly the happiest man alive.  We drove home and I called father and told him the good news.  He was excited.  Do you know what this means…?  I am no over by neary 300 dollars!!!  My final goal was for 4,000 dollars flat, cause, I had to pay for the plane tickets.  Even after breaching 4 grand, I still had an extra 290 dollars!!!  And, that’s not even including what is waiting for me in Atlanta tomorrow!!!  Oh man!  God, I have been the most faithless child in the last couple days, completely absorbed in the day2day struggles, and yet, You pull thru regardless.  You are NEVER unfaithful to me and I felt like I was being hit on the head by You all the while You were saying… ‘duh, didn’t you know that I was gonna pull thru for you?’  God, man, You do everything You promise me and MORE!  God, I don’t even deserve this kind of blessing, but, You have granted me it!  You have!  God!!!  You are so awesome!  Not a single cent of this trip is being paid out of my pockets.  Not a single cent!  I was planning on having to shell out some of my own savings to go on this thing, but, NO!  God, You provided for me!  You provided everything for me!  Even when I was unfaithful!  God, my God, I have learned so much from this.  I was all pissy about the Session not approving of me doing this and not supporting me directly, but, man, this is how they did approve!  They let me make an announcement at church, let me put it in the bulletin, and let me recieve money from teh congregation.  This WAS the better way!  God, my God, how was I so blind?  God, it always happens for the better!  The way that You want it to happen! God, why am I so stubborn?  God, the way that I wanted it to happen was not the way that You wanted it to happen, and thank goodness!  Thank goodness it didn’t go my way!  Thank You Lord that You had it done Your way, or else I would definitely not have gotten over a thousand dollars!  God, You are so awesome!  I am so humbled by this experience. God, I am so humbled.  May I never again question Your faithfulness to me and Your ultimate provision.  Even in the last 24 hours, AGAIN! God, my God, AGAIN!  A month ago, didn’t his happen where you saved my butt for those first 500 bucks?  In the last 24 hours?!?  GOd!  Why, Lord, I doubted then, and You saved me and pulled thru. And, even after that Lord, this time, AGAIN, the same scenario, You pulled thru and did exactly what You needed to do and MORE!  God, You supplied me that day with more than the 500 dollars I needed.  By that time, I needed only about 300 something, but, You outdid my own call and put me over 500.  Now, this time, Lord, You have provided me with all I need for the entire trip and more!  God, my God!  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You Lord!  Thank You for the people that You had called to support me!  Thank You Lord.  God, my God, I got home and then I had to go deposit the check at the bank, all the while, Lord, God, I got in the car and guess what was playing…  “I Want to Fall In Love With You” by Jars of Clay.  That was the first Christian song that I ever liked, and man, that song is the bomb.  And, Lord, all i could think was… man, I have to come back to the basics, of just ‘falling in love’ with You again.  I have lost that Love, or, not lost, but, I had kept it on hold for a bit, and now, Lord, You have revived me yet again. I felt like a phoenix rising from its ashes again to take flight, and Lord, literally, I’ll be on a flight in less than 8 hours, headed to Atlanta to go meet up with the rest of my team.  God, my God, You are so great.  I just drove over to publix to deposit this thing, and man, God, I was so in love with You, so thankful, Lord, my God, I am so humbled by Your awesomeness.  I don’t even understand why You put up with me, this unfaithful servant, but, Lord, God, You have come thru, yet again.  You said You would.  And, You did.  Right on time. SO, yeah, wooh.  God, You are awesome.  My parents, both mammy and father kept saying that I was pretty dutiful on just being persistent with the church and all, and getting out there sending letters and stuff… and yet, I do’nt feel like I can take any credit at all.  I just did what I had to do.  Nothing more, and definitely not very faithful about it.  Lord, God, out of all my failures and shortcomings, You shine Your Light.  God, that’s all I pray for these next 2 months, that You shine Your Light thru me, regardless of how much I fail or fall short.  God, even thru my weakness, You can use all I do to serve You.  Make me Your servant Lord, humble and obedient.  That’s all I want to be.  That’s all I want to be. So, the day started out really nicely.  I finished unpacking and then packing stuff up.  I told Su Kim that it felt like I’m unpacking memories and packing in preparation for more.  She kinda liked that idea. But, yeah, it was rather fun.  I still have to finalize packing, even at this hour, but, oh well.  I still have to write some emails, the prayer list, get out the devotional, and write a letter to eric cho.  God, this day has been long.  And, guess what, we had a flare session, even though my clavical has been destroyed by it, and man, its been hurting so much, but, i tried one or two.  But, petakun, from not being able to get one complete one, did 3!!!  He told me its all about flexing like mad like you have constipation…  Oh… I see….  But, yeah, man, mad flavor!  That’s awesome.  I thought I would get them sooner than petakun, but, nope.  Humbled again.  :) So, yeah.  I’m gonna finish this up.  I’m gonna post one public thing before I leave I suppose.  I have much to do. I jsut have to compartimentalize it and go at each one… one at a time. Tomorrow, I have to meet up with brandi around 1030, have lunch with her and tim around 12, call donah around 12 to see how she did on her AP, and call Sue Hong around 130 to see how she’s doing.  I was talking with Sue earlier and she wanted to come to ATL just to see me…  I told her she didn’t have to… and man, she really doesn’t, but… hmm…  I talked to donah a little online.  She’s a great girl.  I guess I would be lying if I wasn’t attracted to her, but, I’m about… well, almost 3 years her senior I suppose.  She’s headed off to rutger’s anyways…  I won’t be in contact with her.  We exchanged numbers tho, so, tomorrow, I’ll drop her a line.  I talked with Tim for a bit.  He’s been bugging about his parent issues and what not, especially after reading “Wild At Heart”.  He’s taking notes… that’s some good stuff.  And, that was about it.  Talked to Esther for a bit, but, she didn’t really wanna talk that long.  Oh well.  picked up Jessica from Soccer and then headed home.  ANd now, I gotta get started.  Lord, You have provided for me yet again.  I’m gonna ask for something else right now.  If You would just grant me strength to do what I need to do to get all completely settled and ready to go for tomorrow… Alright Lord, let’s do it.