Interview with Tony Steward: The Journey of Joe to Pro Cycling

I had the pleasure of connecting with Tony Steward, a long-time friend and fellow blogger, over Skype yesterday to catch up on what he’s been up to. The answer, of course, was a lot.

Tony’s been leading teams and helping to construct amazing technological experiences over at, a church in Oklahoma.

But I knew that he’s been doing a kick-butt job there so I wasn’t interested in necessarily hearing about that – I was interested in a new blog that he had started late last year that caught my attention for more than a few reasons and I wanted to have him give this community a few tips of how he’s grown an interest and passion into a fast-growing focused blog.

I really think Tony has found his niche and what he’s doing over at JoeToProCycling is proof of that – he’s growing his traffic, his audience, his influence in his local community, as well as beginning to earn income via his passion for cycling, health, and fitness.

It’s really all that and a bag of chips! (Well, forget the bag of chips… he’s in tremendous shape!)

Check out this awesome interview with Tony that covers some of how he got started, how he found his focus, how he’s not a developer but a true experimenter and power-user of tools and technology, and even how you can follow his model for a successfully growing blog.

[tentblogger-vimeo 27645209]

From a killer domain name to top-notch community engagement even I am learning from this guy! Make sure to follow his blog (even if you aren’t into cycling) to see how he’s practically applying great blogging techniques that will serve him well in the long journey and path to a killer blog.

Thanks bro for a great interview!

So what about you? How are you capitalizing on your strengths, interests and passions like Tony? What can you learn from him and his blog?

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