Too Good (or Bad) Not to Share

via SHL:

So if someone asks me for my thoughts on depression and suicide: sure, more therapists, discussion, and anti-depressants; certainly for the specific people who need emergency help now. But the meta-answer is to ask deeper questions about humanity, and to start questioning the life values that have been sold (and I do mean sold) to us; no matter how much we think they are supreme. Because we’ve clearly broken something, and it’s worthwhile to look back and examine a time when it wasn’t broken.

There’s a lot of talk recently with the deaths of some very famous (and well-loved) folks, particularly Bourdain, whom my wife and I really enjoyed (my wife in particular).

Yes, more folks in the medical space to assist others with their challenges would be great… but, we all need to be more proactive in engaging with each other, loving on each other, and asking the hard but important questions to each other.

We spend so much time talking over and about the things that are ultimately superficial. We do this at our own peril and the avoidance is systemic. It’s also deeply unhealthy.

There’s nothing wrong with being the imperfect, flawed, and wonderful human that you are. This is baseline, table stakes, the very fundamentals. No shame here, just opportunity for real growth, real health, and a much fuller life.

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