Too Old To Do a Startup?

I share some candid thoughts on the natural bias that many of us (including myself) have against older folks and their creativity levels.

It was inspired by this NYTimes article which you can find here.

The bottom-line is this: I’m more creative than I ever have been and count my experiences, both the positive and negative, as real assets to my creative thinking and decision making.

And, although I can’t do 100-hour weeks anymore… the time that I do have is put to such good use that I’m more productive and the output is higher quality than ever before.

I don’t envy the young 22-year old (I once wrote a letter to this person) and I can’t imagine ever going back; those times were too painful and I’d never want to repeat them… the lessons that I had to learn, the brokenness that I had to experience and go through, were so important to me and I count them as blessings and I’m grateful for them.

But I’d never want to go through them again.

I’m not too old to do a startup (and neither are you!) and I’m working with some amazing partners who are a bit older than myself. To watch them do what they do is amazing and a privilege. They are also proof that creativity widens and deepens with age and their ability and experience and drive is more sound and real and impactful than any young, recent college grad that I’ve met.

I just hope (and I believe) that the trend will continue in my own life as well… I’ll continue to mature (like fine wine!) and the levels of creativity that I have will also continue to increase.

The best times are yet to come.