A Tool Called Hypocrisy

Thanks to Dilbert for a healthy laugh this morning:


A startup, especially in the beginning, is all heart, grit, and passion. There’s a shared perspective of survival that removes any layer of obvious selfishness.

But as an organization grows it can be difficult to keep that survival instinct together and you begin to attract people who may be less interested in corporate success and rather their own continued climb up a metaphorical ladder.

The contrast is most obviously┬árecognizable when you experience the large-scale corporate enterprise like a Fortune 500 and also know the experience of looking across the table at your co-founder and knowing that if you don’t make it then you’re both out of a job and on the street.

The goal isn’t to find and hire completely selfless people either though. The goal is to find and hire people who have the ability to scale with the organization as it changes. The critique is not on the evolution of the org but on the people that join it.