Walking Through “Tools of the Titans” on the VLOG

I wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to walk through Tim Ferriss’ new book, Tools of Titans via my daily vlog.

So, this is your official “heads-up” post!

If you’d like to follow along then I’d love for you to subscribe to my vlog and maybe even get a copy of the book. My simple hope is to share a bit of what I’m learning from the book and how I have applied some of these truths and how I might hope to apply them in my life today.

And, perhaps as a community of readers and viewers we can encourage each other to continue to pursue excellence, create exceptional value for ourselves (and others), and live more full and more satisfying lives as a result of our increased productivity and value-generation.

If that sounds like something of immediate interest then I’d encourage you to not hesitate:

Step 1: Get the book (“Tools of Titans“) via Amazon (they can deliver quickly!)

Step 2: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel (I should post my first one tonight here it is!!)!

Get it done!

Step 3: Click to Get Notifications (see below):

Click the “Bell” icon!

That’s it. I hope to see you on the VLOG!


Here’s the first one, enjoy!