Tools I’m Using

For those that are interested, here’s a running list of things (i.e. tools) that I’m using to put Teeny together:

  • NSAnimationContext
  • NSVisualEffectView
  • NSBitmapImageRep
  • NSTextField
  • NSView
  • NSImageView
  • NSData
  • NSPasteboard

Of course, you can find more information about these programming classes via the Mac Developer Library. In addition, there are two standard libraries which every developer uses when they build an OS X app:

  • QuartzCore
  • Cocoa

Cheers! I’ll share more as I continue to work through “the grind“! Oh, and this is really the first post that I’ve categorized as “Engineering” – that’s fun. I’ve had 2 others but they weren’t about the actual software level.

Here… we… go…