Top Posts WordPress Plugin

So easy it's magic!

Have you ever wanted to simply share your Top Posts over a certain period of time?

I know I have!

Well this very simple WordPress Plugin does just that! No setup or difficult installation required.

This is a must-have for highly engaging community-oriented blogs!

Made for widgetized sidebars you’ll be able to drag and drop this plugin and quickly share with your community the Top Posts (based on comments) over a selected time period.

For example, you’ll be able to choose Weekly, Monthly, or over the entire existence of your blog!

You can include Pages as well if you actively use them for community centers of conversation.

Here’s what it looks like:

Simple and elegant.

This is a great way to showcase what’s happening around your blog and where people are gathering for conversation.

It is also reasonable to expect an increase of clicks and pageviews as a result of this zero-setup-needed WordPress Plugin!

Download it Here!

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Let me know if you use it!