Doing the Tough (But Necessary) Work to Grow Your Blog

I recently had the pleasure of spending an entire day with a tool that I had previously been unaccustomed to using: A jackhammer.

I’ve seen them, for sure, as much larger and stronger individuals would be using them to tear up the streets around Atlanta but I had never imagined myself using one. In fact, I’ve never once had an inkling to ever try it out as I had a strange fear that I would literally kill myself using one.

But I encountered a serious need a few weeks ago as my driveway needed to be demolished to give way to some of the small renovations we needed to do to the house and the surrounding lawn area and I either could pay someone an incredible amount of money (thousands of dollars apparently via a few quotes) or do it myself.

Ugh. I had a decision to make – either I man up and do the rough work myself or pony up the greenbacks for someone else to do it for me. I opted to do the former.

Here’s the overall cost associated with the endeavor:

  • Jackhammer – $80 from Home depot for 24 hour rental.
  • 3 Pairs of Gloves – I destroyed three pairs of gloves as I lifted the busted driveway into a wheelbarrow to haul to the back. Those pieces are sharp!
  • 1 Wheelbarrow – $30. This broke down on the last haul. It was a cheap plastic one that said it could hold 200 pounds. Doubtful…
  • 12 Pack of Gatorade – $10. Yum.
  • 6 hours of my time.

Not bad, to be honest.

But I won’t lie to you – it was really tough work, the kind that I really never want to do again. My entire body was sore and I had to sit down and rest multiple times. And without those gloves I would have destroyed my fingers and hands. I’m surprised I didn’t crush my feet a few times as well as I don’t own industrial boots!

Thank goodness my brother-in-law came to help (all the way from Augusta) as well! There’s no way I could have done this alone!

The end result was extremely satisfying and we got the job done – but it was work, no question about it.

Do the Necessary Work to Grow Your Blog

I realized that this work is very much like a lot of the resistance that I hear many bloggers talk about, especially when it comes to growth and the success (or lack thereof) that they are experiencing.

Sometimes it’s the tough but necessary work of optimizing your blog (like via SEO) or working through content strategy or even taking your online brand seriously for the first time is all that’s stopping you from working through that apparent “ceiling” that you’re bumping into.

But at the end of the day it’s just tough work, but you have to do it. You can certainly pay someone else to do it (like I could have with my driveway) but there are things that you need to simply learn through the process of doing (my jackhammer analogy now “breaks” down here…).

No one can teach you how to become a better blogger better than you, yourself, blogging and publishing consistently. You can learn from those that have come before you and get tips, tricks, and tons of other neat things, but the vast majority of them might simply be better labeled as “distractions.”

Pick up that digital jackhammer every once in a while and work through some of the stuff you’ve been meaning to get to but have put off for ages. Put on those working gloves and boots and just get it done.