On Typepad, Movable Type…


So, one of the big announcement regarding v1.5 (or is it 2.0…?) besides a major integration with Evernote is the fact that I’m EOL’ing my support for Typepad and Movable Type.

This has been somewhat of a “long time coming” type of decision but one that I have held off from making for a number of different reasons.

I have been attempting to understand the user base and climate of these two ecosystems since I first launched the app.

The reality is that these communities are small and they are shrinking every single day; not by much insofar as users leaving for other platforms but rather the “other” players continuing to scale and grow marketshare en masse.

And the most sad (and somewhat disappointing) fact is that there just aren’t that many users of Desk who actually integrate and use Typepad and Movable Type as as service. I can almost count, on two hands and two feet, the amount of users.

Consequently, as an indie app developer with very (very, very) little time available to work on and develop the app, I simply can’t allot the necessary time to update, improve, and refactor code to make it globally work in the product as a whole.

It’s a hard decision but one that I’ve taken the time to consider and one that I’ve spent time investigating. I just simply can’t make all parts of the app amazing when I’m spending an inordinate amount of time in one area that proves to create very little global value.

These are the types of hard decisions, as indie developers (and business / engineering / management, et. al.) that we have to make at times. It’s not a perfect process nor is it pretty, but, it’s necessary.

Onward and upward, as they say!

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